A Tale of Two Blogs

I started this blog as a way to keep the "non-geek" related stuff separate from my main blog, GeekMamas.com, and have a place to publish sponsored posts that didn't fit there. And then I made it personal and didn't want to publish that stuff here. And then I ended up with TWO blogs to keep … Continue reading A Tale of Two Blogs

How Do You Get Motivated?

Sometimes I get in this cloudy little funk where I just don't want to do anything except...nothing. I just have no desire to do ANYTHING. I posted on Facebook today that this was my moooooooood: So how do you change that? Any brilliant tips when you just don't want to Do The Thing? My first … Continue reading How Do You Get Motivated?

This Mom Blog Experiment

I started this Momtastic Mommy Blog as an experiment to see how I felt about having a less personal style mom blog. One that was set up to make money, used stock photos, did reviews and posted useful articles, etc. It was going to be "all the mom stuff." I also thought it might give … Continue reading This Mom Blog Experiment

I Don’t Want to do The Thing

So, this is me today: I keep sitting down and trying to do The Thing I'm supposed to be doing and it's just not happening. Actually typing about not doing it is the closest I've gotten to doing it. And therefore, I'm almost giving myself a pat on the back for half-assly doing The Thing … Continue reading I Don’t Want to do The Thing