How Do You Get Motivated?

Sometimes I get in this cloudy little funk where I just don’t want to do anything except…nothing. I just have no desire to do ANYTHING. I posted on Facebook today that this was my moooooooood:

So how do you change that? Any brilliant tips when you just don’t want to Do The Thing?

My first thought was maybe a glass of wine would help, but that’s never really a good idea at 10AM so I nipped that in the bud and made myself a glass of sweet tea. I was hoping maybe a combo of sugar and caffeine would get things jump started. It did not.

My son was at school so I thought maybe I’d try one of those nap things I used to love so much. I lied there flipping around for about 30 minutes before giving up. Apparently I can’t even successfully not do anything.

My allergies have been killing me the past few days, so the combo of a cloudy head and oozing from my nose and eyes wasn’t helping to raise my motivation meter any.

I should be writing a couple posts about a book and a shirt…but every time I try to do it I seem to find something else that draws my attention away. Like random news on Yahoo about what my favorite 80s fitness stars are up to now or 20 celebrities who died without much notice. I absorbed a lot of new useless information today.

But I guess in the end, all this de-motivation gave me a little something to write about. Even if it is just me complaining. I almost feel like maybe I can accomplish something now. Almost…




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