Keep Grandparents Happy with the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

There’s one thing grandparents can’t get enough of, and that’s pics of the grandkids. With the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, you can keep them happy with new pics every day even from far away!

nixplay (1)

It may look like an ordinary picture frame in the pic, but it’s so much more. It’s a digital photo frame that you can send photos to, using the Nixplay app. New photos will automatically pop up on the frame and the owner will get a notification too. It saves all the photos and constantly scrolls through them, unless it’s in sleep mode. It will go to sleep when it doesn’t detect movement for a set amount of time.




My mom lives about five hours away, and although we make the trip a few times a year to visit, it’s never enough for grandma! I try to make up for the distance by posting a lot of pictures on Facebook, so my family has practically watched my son grow up online. I knew my mom would love to have one of these so I jumped at the chance to review the newest frame from Nixplay –  the W10-E 2K Ultra. It has an amazingly crisp ultra-high pixel density for maximum picture sharpness and can be freestanding or wall mounted in both portrait and landscape mode.

And while this makes a great gift, I do recommend being there to help the grandparents set it up. The frame walks you through set-up using the remote control and you also need to download the app and the complete your account set-up. You then send an invite to whoever you want to be able to send you photos. It’s pretty simple to set up, but after watching my mom fiddle with three TV remotes for 20 minutes just trying to get a movie to play, I knew I better get it all set-up and working before I left.

nixplay (3)

She just texted me today reminding me to send her more photos and figured out how to send photos to my frame. My husband and I have been using the Nixplay Seed frames during his deployment so now I send them both pics at the same time. The next person to get a frame will be great-grandma!

nixplay (2)
Mom loves the new frame!

The frame was a total hit and now sits on my mom’s entry-way table so people see it as soon as they come in the door.

Want to see more? Check out this video from Nixplay showing the frame in action:

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