About the big blog move…

So over a year ago I started posting here how I was moving all my posts over to GeekMamas.com and closing this blog. Yet here it is...still sitting in the Internet space, not doing much, but still attracting random followers and traffic. I downgraded the account to a basic free WordPress site, didn't pay much … Continue reading About the big blog move…

Momtastic Mommy Blog is Moving All Posts to Geek Mamas

I have been trying to move all the blog posts from Momtastic to my main blog, GeekMamas.com, and I accidentally republished about 15 blog posts in the last five minutes! OOOOOPS! So if you ended up here because I just flooded WordPress with blog posts, please visit me at the other blog.

A Visit to the Family-Friendly Sierra Nevada Brewery

We recently did a family road trip to North Carolina and on the way we stopped at the very family-friendly Sierra Nevada Brewery and Taproom in Mills River, NC. I am a long-time fan of Sierra Nevada. We even have a dog named Sierra! It's the beer that led me to liking IPA's and craft … Continue reading A Visit to the Family-Friendly Sierra Nevada Brewery

A Different Kind of Book for Children

I was recently introduced to Quiet Books by the Quiet Book Queen and we decided to give it a try! It's crafty activity book you assemble yourself, or with the help of your child. The Quiet Book Queen website offers a Calendar Quiet Book Subscription Kit where every month you get a new page/activity to make for your … Continue reading A Different Kind of Book for Children

The Imaginary Bellyache

My son stayed home from school today. And by stayed home sick, I mean he's standing next me begging to put on his coat so he can go outside and play. It started with crawling into our bed early this morning and then making vomiting noises. I grabbed him, leapt out of bed and rushed … Continue reading The Imaginary Bellyache

How to Use a Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser

A lot of moms these days seem to be getting into oils. I've been into essential oils since I was a teenager working in a hippie shop that sold oils and part of my job was to educate myself on all the different oils and their purposes. So I've always had a bottle of tea … Continue reading How to Use a Nebulizing Aromatherapy Diffuser

Book Review: P is for Poop by Ben Luster

My son has not been the most receptive little reader. In fact, he's been downright combative at times, like when I tried to read him What's Making Walter C. Laugh? and he threw a giant tantrum, and then there was the time he kept shoving poor Sgt. Stubby in the trash. It got to where … Continue reading Book Review: P is for Poop by Ben Luster